5 Things You Should Know About Before Straightening Your Hair

5 Things You Should Know About Before Straightening Your Hair

1.Wet Hair vs Straightening Iron

Remember, hot versus cold is a big no-no when it comes to your hair! Avoid using the flat iron on your hair while it’s still wet. Ironing wet hair will only lead to the moisture bursting in little steam of explosions on your hair, thus giving you the breakage that you didn’t ask for.

76 Tip: Blow dry your hair thoroughly before straightening your hair with a flat iron. Try using heat protecting hair product to minimize damage from heat styling.

2. Bursting the myth that the more you iron, the straighter your hair becomes

The more you iron your hair in high heat on the same sections, the more split ends you will get. By ironing your hair repeatedly for too long, the heat will crack the edges of the cuticles leading the strands shipping . Before you know it, you’ll have more split ends that you can tame.

76 Tip: Section your hair into smaller amounts with pins or hair clips to avoid running the iron on the same section more than once.

3.Try avoiding products with silicone after flat ironing your hair. 

While some products that contain silicone can give you a shiny finishing after styling, it’s best to avoid it as silicone tends to prevent absorption of nutrients. Besides, too much silicone on your hair strands will make them look stiff instead of flowing.

76 Tip: Try using a treatment hair oil to finish up your styling instead. Always check the labels on your products before usage to avoid silicone.

4.Clean your flat irons regularly

This goes without saying that it is THE one step that most of us neglect! Remember, anything that is on your styling tool, such as flecks of dust, hair product’s residue or even, your pet’s hair, will go right on your hair as well as you are styling it.

76 Tip: Use alcohol swabs and wipe all over your flat iron at least once a week. Avoid the cords and adapter area.

5. Keep the heat at 200° Celsius.

Depending on the texture of your hair, it’s usually best to keep the heat at no more than 200° Celsius. This is to avoid overheating your hair, especially if you have fine hair. Obvious signs of overheated hair, or for the lack of better words – fried hair, is when you can feel your hair getting tangled easily, dryness and easy breakage of hair strands. So, better watch out with the heat!

76 Tip: Apply heat protecting products before ironing your hair. Alternatively, if the damage is done, try hair repairing shampoo and conditioner to soothe your damaged hair.