3 Dos & Don’ts For Hair Wash

3 Dos & Don'ts For Hair Wash

Washing your hair is the most basic step of your hair care routine. However, such a simple step may lead to a certain extend of damages on both of your scalp and hair bit by bit when you are doing it in the wrong way.

You may wonder how could this possibly go wrong? Let’s start with the simple dos and don’ts for hair wash to rescue your hair from further damage.

DO brush your hair before you wet it

Your hair and scalp are covered with small dirt and dust that couldn’t be seen with bare eyes. Hence, brushing your hair could help to lift the dirt on your hair and scalp surface, making it easier to wash off when you start washing your hair.

Remember, a clean scalp always leads to healthy hair!

DO lather shampoo on your palm before applying it

It is the bubbles that do their best work to absorb and cleanse the dirt and dust off your hair. Lathering the shampoo well can allow the cleansing agent to penetrate deeper into your hair and roots more effectively.

Always lather the shampoo before applying it directly to your hair!

DO rinse your hair thoroughly

Shampoo removes dirt from your hair, but it will clog your hair follicles if you do not wash it off properly.

There are few parts to check whether the shampoo is rinsed off thoroughly especially at the hairline, neckline, and back of the ears as these parts tend to be overlooked. The remaining of the shampoo will eventually cause irritation and itching to your scalp, and that will leads to another scalp trouble.

Therefore, do make sure you wash these parts with warm water persistently.

DON’T apply the shampoo directly on the scalp

Most people tend to apply the shampoo directly on the scalp instead of lathering it beforehand. It could be harmful to your scalp as the cleansing agent will penetrate the scalp first, whereby it absorbs more moisture and could lead to oily scalp.

Lather first, apply later!

DON’T ever scrub with nails

Handle your scalp and hair with care by massaging it gently with fingertips and palms during the hair wash.

Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it is wet, scrubbing with nails not only will damage the scalp but it will also weaken the hair follicles.

Remember, no nails should involve when washing your hair!

DON’T apply the conditioner or treatment on the scalp

Unless it is clearly stated as a scalp conditioner, the normal conditioner should only apply to the part where it needed the most hydration – middle to end of your hair.

Same as applying shampoo on your scalp, it will tend to make the roots and scalp oilier than they naturally are, we definitely do not want an oily scalp and hair to walk around all day!

Check your products properly whether it is stated for scalp or hair.