The Goodness of Hair Oils

What exactly are the benefits of hair oils? 

Hair oils are often used in hair salons before blow-drying or as the final touch after styling, it functions differently from treatments and conditioners.
The treatment infuses nourishment while conditioners provide a smooth touch; these have to be rinsed off.

Hair oil is definitely a great hair health booster and a fuss-free step that cannot be missed in your hair care routine.

When applied to towel-dried hair, hair oil protects from heat damage caused by hair dryers.

When applied after hairstyling, hair oil protects from ultraviolet rays for the entire day.

When used together as a set with treatment, hair oil coats strands to prevent evaporation of nourishment absorbed during the treatment process.

The application method is vital as the hair oils shall be distributed evenly. The best way to apply the hair oils is to start from hair ends and work your way up and be sure to avoid applying oil near your scalp!

Start using hair oils today to see the difference!

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