New Hair Styling Products That Curated For Your Gorgeous Strands

Malaysia has a typical equatorial climate. As Malaysians, we enjoy tropical weather all year round.
However, due to its proximity to the sea, the climate is often quite humid.

The humidity in the air is often part of the reason
that causes your hair to become frizzy or flat.

Therefore, your naturally curly hair will most likely become more frizzy; whereas your straight hair will turn limp and lifeless.

Hence, styling products that have a high concentration and rich in the formula
are generally “non-Malaysian-friendly“.

After countless tries and tests by our stylist team, we have
finally decided to bring in a range of
styling products that will suit every guest’s hair!

Milbon Jemile Fran – Hair Make Up Series

Utilizing only ingredients used in skincare, hence, any excess remaining can also be used as a hand moisturizer after styling!
In addition, Oildew and Oilsoufflé are infused with an ascorbic acid derivative to suppress UV damage & color fading caused by UV light.

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