Myths Or Facts? It’s All About Eyelash Extensions

You may have heard the myths about eyelash extensions service, but have you ever check on the facts?

Myth #1: Eyelash extensions will damage your natural eyelashes
Fact > Your eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes at all when applied PROPERLY!
Of course, it may inflict a certain extend of damages where the lashes will fall out earlier than your usual ‘eyelash growth cycle’ only if the extensions are being applied too long or heavy than your natural lashes can bear.

Myth #2: Your eyes can’t contact with water when you
have extensions on.
Fact > It is NOT TRUE at all. Your eyelash specialist will always recommend you to clean your eyelash extensions with an oil-free cleanser and makeup remover to keep your lash line healthy and clean! Otherwise, it will become a warm bed for the bacteria to grow and we don’t want that!

Myth #3: The procedure is painful and uncomfortable.
Fact > It is so relaxing, you can barely feel anything! In fact, you may fall asleep easily during the process which takes around 1.5 – 2 hours with the calming background music!

Myth #4: You can just peel them off just like false eyelashes
when you’re tired.
Fact > Removing the extensions on your own is a big NO-NO! Your natural lashes may no longer grow due to the damage to your hair follicles. Instead, it is a MUST to visit your eyelash specialist to have them SAFELY remove the extensions with the appropriate tools.

Myth #5: “My eyelash extensions will stay pretty as long as
I don’t touch it!”
Fact > That’s totally wrong! You still have to brush it from the middle of the lashes up daily to prevent crisscrossing.

Beauty tips: Watch here to learn how to brush your eyelash extensions properly!

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