Refresh yourself with a carbonated spray to feel freezing cold!

The climate in Malaysia is very changeable. Such a climate can unintentionally affect the scalp. Heat and sweat can cause odor and stickiness. Especially if the temperature is high and the humidity is high, it can be even more bothersome.

Causes of Scalp Trouble

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight oxidize sebum, creating a substance called lipid peroxide. This is also the source of odor and stickiness

Here is a solution that can solve the problems of stickiness, odor, and heat all at once.

A new sensation of coolness! CRONNA Ice Spa Shampoo Orange

CRONNA Ice Spa Shampoo Orange is a carbonated shampoo containing orange oil for enhanced cleansing power.

Orange oil is known to clean grease and oil. Of course, it is also effective in cleaning lipid peroxide. This shampoo has a sub-zero temperature. This cool sensation and the menthol refreshes the scalp. This effect continues even after the shampoo is finished and the rinse is rinsed off!

How to Use ICE SPA Shampoo Orange home care

You can easily refresh yourself at home with this unique cool and refreshing sensation!