3 Steps for How TO USE Conditioner

3 Steps for How TO USE Conditioner

The Basic Of Hair Care -Conditioner-

Using conditioner after shampooing will change the luster and cohesion of your hair.

Step: 1. Take out an appropriate amount of conditioner and apply it to the tips of your hair. Apply the remaining conditioner on your palm to the roots of your hair.

Step: 2. Rinse your hair and scalp until the oily feeling disappears. One basic rule is that it must not remain on your hair after use.

Step:3. Wipe your scalp gently as if you are massaging it, and imagine you are letting the towel absorb the water when wiping the tips of your hair. When wet, hair is vulnerable to friction and is very fragile to damage. Your hair loses its moisture easily, and if you leave it unattended, the inside of your hair will also be dehydrated.