Grand Linkage – Milbon’s New line up


For maintaining the style and color just when you do coloring in a hair salon.

To Keep your hair looking beautiful just right after salon coloring even at home.

GRAND LINKAGE makes the hair of all generations shine beautifully.

Who would you recommend?

Those who want to maintain the beautiful form and color forever after salon coloring.


– Focus on protein loss to maintain beautiful color.

After salon coloring, each hair is well-shaped and cohesive. However, as the hair is washed repeatedly, the protein gradually leaks out and the hair loses its shape, becoming wavy and spreading.

Reduces protein loss and maintains a beautiful shape.

To repair the hair in such a condition, grandlinlege contains Purple rosebay essence*1. In addition, Botanical Bonding Technology*2 is blended to maintain the shape of hair after salon coloring so that it maintains the beautiful condition of the hair after coloring.

*1: Purple rosebay extract (hair repair ingredient)
*2: Based on joint research with Osaka Industrial Technology Research Institute, a regional independent administrative agency

Focusing on the change in color tone caused by washing hair and stopping color fading.

Color saving emulsion*3 blocks the dye runoff, and peach leaf extract*4 protects hair from chlorine in tap water.

*3 Amodimethicone, stearutrimonium chloride, dicocodimonium chloride [hair-protecting ingredients].
*4 Peach leaf extract [hair-protecting ingredient].

Verification of color change due to hair washing.

This is the result of dyeing bleached hair with our hair color and then repeating the shampoo/hair treatment 7 times.

You can choose from 3 texuture