Experience the Exclusive Global Milbon Premium at Number76

Global Milbon Premium – Luxurious Hair Treatments

Introducing “Global Milbon Premium” – a rare luxury found in less than 1% of salons nationwide. This exclusive product undergoes strict evaluation, available only in select, qualified salons. Experience Japanese excellence at its finest with Global Milbon Premium.

Experience the fusion of traditional Japanese elegance and modern refinement where over 60 years of craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology. Milbon’s Gold Line embodies elegance, featuring a harmonious blend of fragrances from natural essential oils in each haircare product. Scientific yet sumptuous ingredients like glowing golden silk, vitalizing pearl peptide, and ultra-hydrating algae extract reawaken each strand, unveiling a new dimension of radiance. Step into an endless spectrum of beauty.

Treatment Duration and Pricing:

  • 45–60 mins
  • Scalp Only – RM275
  • Short – RM380
  • Medium – RM430
  • Long – RM470
  • Extra Long – RM520

Discover the pinnacle of hair care with Global Milbon Premium treatments, tailored to your unique needs.

Treatment Options:

  1. Global Milbon Premium Enhancing Vivacity Scalp Treatment:
    • Addresses hair loss and premature greying with advanced technology.
    • Nourishes from roots to ends, fostering robust and lively hair texture.
    • Recommended for thinning hair, hair loss, and aging concerns.
  2. Global Milbon Premium Illuminating Glow Hair Treatment:
    • Enhances shine and smoothness for natural curls or dull hair.
    • Star Ingredient: Golden Silk, known for its mystic sheen.
    • Recommended for fine, soft, and naturally curly hair.
  3. Global Milbon Premium Vitalizing Dimension Hair Treatment:
    • Infuses vitality, offers efficient repair, and shields from oxidative stress.
    • Star Ingredient: Pearl Peptide, derived from Japanese pearls.
    • Recommended for fine or weak hair, especially aging or bleached hair.
  4. Global Milbon Premium Indulging Hydration Hair Treatment:
    • Significantly enhances hair’s ability to retain hydration.
    • Star Ingredient: Water Weed Extract, sourced from Kumatomo’s clear spring water.
    • Recommended for normal to thick hair, addressing split ends and dryness.