Eyelash Extensions – Aftercare

The demand for eyelash extensions is getting popular these days with its flutter and glamourous results. It also helps you to cut your make up routine into half!
How wonderful is that?

It’s really simple to take care of them!
Without further ado, let’s follow these steps to maintain your
pretty and long-lasting lashes!

#1Keep your eyelashes dry for the first 6 hours after the procedure.
You’re advised to keep the eyelashes dry for the first 6 hours after the procedure, as the adhesives need time to dry completely.

From here on, we suggest that you may wash your lashes with a gentle cleanser or a lash cleanser in order to keep the lash line clean and avoid any infections.

Beauty tips! DO avoid the spa, sauna, and swimming for the first 24 hours.

#2: Avoid using products that contain oil solvents to your eyes area.
Cleanser, makeup remover, or even moisturizer that contains oil solvents should have avoided for your eyelashes and eye area as these will compromise the bonding agent in the adhesives.

Beauty tips! Avoid all kinds of plant- or fruit-based essential oils such as
coconut oil, jojoba oil, marula oil, rosehip seed oil, argan oil, olive oil,

Castor seed oil, rosemary leaf oil and etc.

#3: Avoid using an eyelash curler.
The extensions get indented much more under the pressure of the eyelash curler compare to your natural eyelash, that’s the reason why you will get a different degree of curve.

#4: Rubbing your eyes is a big NO-NO!
Rubbing your eyes does not only spoil your freshly done eyelash extensions,
but it will also cause a corneal scratch or infections!

Let’s back to the topic, rubbing your eyes may cause the eyelash been removed or crisscrossing which is quite annoying and uncomfortable too!

Beauty tips! In order to keep them clean and detangle, gently brush them with a lash comb or spoolie brush every day.

#5: Your makeup routine will probably need to change.
You’ll need to refrain from putting mascara (unless it is a water-based mascara) and drawing eyeliner (on the lash line) because we believe that the less you touch them, the longer they are going to stay!

We’re sure that you want to preserve them and keep them as pretty as it just freshly did!

More questions about eyelash extensions?
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Let’s be gorgeous and wake up with full and feathery eyelashes! 
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